Renewable Distributed Generation Forum | April 13-14, 2016 | Lausanne, Switzerland
The next-generation energy grid will be characterized by a high penetration of renewable energy resources, distributed generation, energy storage, and a drive to control cost and Carbon emissions. The next wave of smart grid technology deployment will focus on advanced Big Data analytics, grid management, and distribution network innovations that integrate and facilitate clean energy, efficiency, and proactive customer engagement. Utilities around the world are looking at integrating more distributed solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable sources into the energy mix, leveraging smart grid and microgrid investments to deliver advanced services and improved network performance.

image The Renewable Distributed Generation Forum, April 13-14, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland, will examine the latest technology advances and business models for increasing the penetration of renewable energy while optimizing the ROI for stakeholders across the energy ecosystem. The emphasis is on real-world case studies and lessons learned to date, and addresses such topics as:
  • Grid-scale and distributed energy storage
  • Market opportunities, growth projections, and change drivers
  • Predictive analytics and Big Data utilization for advanced operations
  • Grid-connected and off-grid microgrid systems
  • Managing impact of renewables on transmission and distribution system
  • Interfaces and integration into existing systems
  • Power control strategies and monitoring
  • Next-gen smart grid technologies and network architectures
  • Advanced technologies for enabling greater PV integration
  • New-generation distributed energy resources inverters
  • Transactive energy and Virtual Power Plant scenarios
  • Advanced grid modeling, forecasting and design tools
  • Meeting aggressive mandates for renewables implementation
  • Standards issues and integration challenges
  • And more

Why Participate?

image Prepare for New RE Goals. EU countries have agreed on a new renewable energy target of at least 27% of final energy consumption in the EU as a whole by 2030. To achieve this, utilities will need to leverage advanced smart grid technologies and carefully re-examine their overall business models. The Renewable Energy Forum is an ideal venue in which to discuss these issues with executive colleagues facing the same challenges.

Connect with Top Financial Professionals. The Forum's special emphasis on project financing, market growth opportunities and investment potential for major international funds means you will be interacting with key financial executives and potential project partners in a focused, one-on-one networking environment.

Envision the New Energy Ecosystem. Increased integration of renewables will have a profound impact on current generation sources and distribution networks. Join us in Lausanne as we discuss how best to achieve a competitive, secure, and sustainable energy market with high percentage of renewable energy.

In-Depth Education, Focused Networking. A careful balance of in-depth presentations together with ample time for networking makes this Forum an ideal opportunity to learn the very latest advances and establish relationships with key executives.

Reality-Based Success Strategies. The emphasis throughout the conference is on the real-world, demonstrated potential of innovative technologies and best practices for delivering cost savings, integrating renewables, driving efficiency, and maximizing customer service flexibility.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior executives responsible for business strategy and development
  • Transmission and distribution engineers, managers, and planners
  • Renewables and DER policy makers and regulatory professionals
  • Grid automation engineers
  • Investors and fund managers
  • Smart Grid program managers
  • Protection engineers
  • Renewable energy companies and project developers
  • Microgrid planners, operators, and developers
  • Consultants and system integrators
  • Technology developers, equipment suppliers, and software professionals
  • University professionals and researchers

    Join us in Lausanne as we push the envelope of renewable energy integration and envision the new energy ecosystem for the 21st century

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